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About Us

Musou’s concept is to inherit the essence of the traditional way which is small stove cooking whist having the western concept of create your own bowl. Our chefs endeavour to create the best dishes, following his secret recipes and using fresh ingredients. The menu is comprehensive, with an impressive choice of dishes to please all palates.

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Our Favourite

One of the signature dishes of Musou is Ma la Xiang Guo also known as Ma la Stir Fry. It is tossed with Sichuan peppers, dry chilli and the chef’s special sauce and fry together into wok together with diners’ choices ingredients. It blends numbing, spicy and dry fragrant tastes in one palate-pleasing shot. It originated in Chongqing, however, it becomes a fusion when it comes into Musou, and has become one of favourite dishes for all customers.

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